The South Carolina State Referee Committee (SRC)

whistleYou may have asked yourself at one time or another, what is the SRC? The SRC is the organization sanctioned by the USSF for promoting and implementing U.S. Soccer’s initiatives and programs in support of all affiliated members and competitions within the South Carolina jurisdiction. The SRC collects your money and decides how best to spend it in support of those initiatives and programs. Approximately one half of the money collected is turned over to the USSoccer organization. For a more detailed explanation of the SRC Click Here

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Something you should know

Please, ensure you are aware and abide by SCYSA administrative/technological updates pertaining to pre-match verification of player passes.

The state association has adopted the electronic card format at the field prior to the game and has replaced the need to supply paper player cards.

ALL LEAGUE MATCHESthe electronic player card is not only acceptable, but expected as the primary player identification.