The South Carolina State Referee Committee (SRC)

whistleYou may have asked yourself at one time or another, what is the SRC? The SRC is the organization sanctioned by the USSF for promoting and implementing U.S. Soccer’s initiatives and programs in support of all affiliated members and competitions within the South Carolina jurisdiction. The SRC collects your money and decides how best to spend it in support of those initiatives and programs. Approximately one half of the money collected is turned over to the USSoccer organization. For a more detailed explanation of the SRC Click Here

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Something you should know

USSF, only authorizes the two (2) stripe sock for referees.  The three (3) stripe sock is no longer permitted with the USSF referee uniform.

New jerseys are mandatory effective 1 JAN 2018 for USSF.  OSI will sponsor the ‘Holiday Sale’ from late November until 31 DEC 2017.

ALL LEAGUE MATCHESthe electronic player card is not only acceptable, but expected as the primary player identification.

Referee Spotlight

David Erbacher is South Carolina’s USSF national referee.  He began his officiating career in 1999 at age 12. His St. Giles (now CESA) club team was a seven (7) time state cup champion. David was a four (4) year varsity soccer starter at Mauldin High School and earned 4A All State Center back honors in 2006.  David, also, earned a varsity letter playing high school football.

The two most important South Carolina referee mentors were Roni Canales and Rob Mann.  These two national referees and assessors tutored David which included an occasional dose of tough love.

Roni Canales took David under his wing as a youth referee running lines for Roni at high level matches that at times were overwhelming but, accelerated the learning curve and personal development.  Roni stressed player management and the game is always bigger than the referee.  There were some difficult years working with Roni.  He was always understanding and willing to work with David, never allowing David to give up officiating and always striving for the optimum outcome.

Rob Mann relocated to South Carolina from South Florida and was there as David, the adult, was progressing through upgrading and working high level matches.  Rob was able to break down games and teach David the finer points of “Why” and “How” referees fix or prevent this.”  Rob constantly pushed David by training and working games with David.

David resides in Columbia with his wife Kim and baby daughter Amelia.