The South Carolina State Referee Committee (SRC)

whistleYou may have asked yourself at one time or another, what is the SRC? The SRC is the organization sanctioned by the USSF for promoting and implementing U.S. Soccer’s initiatives and programs in support of all affiliated members and competitions within the South Carolina jurisdiction. The SRC collects your money and decides how best to spend it in support of those initiatives and programs. Approximately one half of the money collected is turned over to the USSoccer organization. For a more detailed explanation of the SRC Click Here

Latest News & Announcements

SCYSA Policy on ‘Partial’ Referee Crew Payment

SCYSA Policy on ‘Partial’ Referee Crew Payment Referees on those occasions where there is not a full three man crew for one of the SCYSA leagues, PMSL, Challenge, etc., the SCYSA Board of Directors has determined the amended rates for the referee crew that is present. This should clear up the money situation for referees.  […]

One Referee with the Whistle – USSF Policy

US Soccer and SC Referee Policy Reminder The, only US Soccer Federation approved referee method is the diagonal system of control.  That is one (1) referee with the whistle.  The dual system of control, two (2) whistles is not approved.  NOT APPROVED. When there is not a complete referee team available or assigned, here are […]

Out of Area Travel – SC Referees’ Policy

US Soccer has provided guidance for decades on referee (assessors and instructors, too) travel outside their state. South Carolina does not and has not required South Carolina referees to request permission to travel.  Some state organizations require that registered official to request permission to attend out of state soccer events or tournaments. Traveling for the […]

Brian Marshall earns National Badge

Brian Marshall is attending nation camp in Florida.  He has been a national candidate for a while and officiated many high level (pro, semi-pro and matches involving visiting international teams) matches throughout the Southeast for the better part of three years.  This weekend he earned his US Soccer National Assistant Referee badge at US Soccer’s […]

Official Sports International’s 2018 Holiday Sale, now, through 31 DEC 2018.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our SC Referees. Official Sports International’s 2018 Holiday Sale, now, through 31 DEC 2018. This is a great time to purchase new uniform components, compulsory items and save money.  OSI reduces prices on all accessories, gear, performance apparel, off field apparel. Save money and provide USSF referees with new equipment and, […]


In 2018, Congress enacted the “Safe Sport Act” which was ultimately signed into law requiring adults who are being involved in youth sports to receive training on sexual abuse. This applies to referees.  In order for SC Referees to become compliant, each referee who is an adult and who will be working youth games must […]

Unanchored Soccer Goals Pose a Dangerous Threat

Unanchored Soccer Goals Pose a Dangerous Threat CHECK THE GOALS!

Developmental Academy 13/14 Boys East Regional Showcase – 27, 28 & 29 October

Winston-Salem, NC:  L to R; Leonard Gonzalez, Nate Mitchell, Frank Hobson, Sara Griggs, Lydia Ratliff, Jack Burroughs.  US Soccer hosted the Developmental Academy 13/14 Boys East Regional Showcase at the BB&T Soccer Park on 27, 28 & 29 October.  This is a US Soccer invitation and identification event.  The referee administrative staff from Chicago was […]

Russell Davis, USMC

Russell Davis, USMC – is our US Soccer referee in the middle.  Russ is a Marine Corps navigator and was in Australia for a few days and when he had a day off he made arrangements to officiate along with our Aussie referees.   Small world, when you have the badge

Implementation of “Silent September” — Just let them play!

Implementation of “Silent September” — Just let them play! July 10, 2017 — Irmo, SC — In late June, the South Carolina Youth Soccer Association (SCYSA) published a Silent September policy to its website but the guidelines for implementation had not been fully developed so they were not part of that publication.  That policy, however, […]

2017 Greensboro Region III Delegation

  Back:  Matthew Hinman, Greg Baltyn, Jack Collins, Ed Waddell, Warren Woody Middle: Cameron Clark, Oliva Urig, Jack Schultz, Frank Kucinic Front: Dallas Rosier, Joshua Picillo, Izlen Peksenar, James Felluca

South Carolina referees attending July’s Region III ODP camps

Montevallo University, Girls ODP Camp Emily Brooks, Columbia Paul Ilukor, Aiken Annabelle Leone, Charleston Ford Johnson, Upstate Gion Vazquez, Columbia Morgan Farrar, Rock Hill Alisa Foley, Rock Hill Allecia Griggs, Columbia   University of Alabama, Boys ODP Camp Jack Collins, Columbia David Cherup, Columbia Jack Burroughs, Rock Hill Roman Thiessen, Rock Hill Nate Mitchell, Rock […]

Spring 2017 League of Champions Final, Saluda Shoals Park, Columbia, SC on Saturday, May 20th

Spring 2017 League of Champions Final, Saluda Shoals Park, Columbia, SC on Saturday, May 20th.  Lowcountry United (Charleston), 3 vs, Sorinex (Columbia), 1 – Referee team, l to r:  Matthew Hinman, AR2, Aiken; Dallas Rosier, 4th Official, Columbia; Frank Kucinic, Referee, Greenville; Olivia Urig, AR1, Charleston.  The League of Champions is the top level of amateur […]

Developmental Academy 13/14 East Regional Showcase

Winston-Salem, NC: L to R; Matt Hinman, Ed Waddell, Olivia Urig, Brigitte Rosier, Izlen Peksenar and Nate Mitchell were selected and attended the Developmental Academy 13/14 East Regional Showcase at BB&T Soccer Park on 28, 29 & 30 October hosted by US Soccer. Every match was filmed and national assessors were present for every match […]

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Something you should know

Preseason Tips:

Positioning & Reading the Game. 

“The best position is one from which the referee can make the correct decision.”  The pregame conference should be productive, useful and create a cohesive officiating team.

Referees: Work Rate (Effort)(Finish your run)

                   Anticipation/Next Step

                   Angle of View/See between players


                   Explosive Movement

                   Football Understanding

AR’s:  Second to Last Defender (STLD) or ball, whichever is closest to the Goal Line

           Eye contact (teammate support)

           Relevant/proper signal flag mechanics (teammate communication)

           Finish your run

           Precision, Discipline and Vigilance

Referee Spotlight : Dr. Skye Arthur-Banning

Dr. Skye Arthur-Banning started his soccer refereeing career in 1992 as a way to stay in shape for ice hockey in the summer in Canada. Recognizing his passion for the art of officiating, when he moved to the USA to pursue his Master’s degree and PhD,  it became a great way to relieve the stresses of his studies. In that time, he became a USSF National Referee, a certification he held for 7 years and currently is a National Referee Coach and National Assignor with US Soccer. In 2012, he learned about Paralympic soccer while attending the Olympic Games in London and wanted to explore ways to give back to the game in a different way. By 2014, he was appointed an International Referee for the International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football (IFCPF), the FIFA equivalent of Paralympic Soccer that includes individuals with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke and other neurological impairments and in 2015 was appointed the Head of Referees for the IFCPF. He was fortunate to be able to officiate in the Rio Paralymic Games in 2016 and was an assistant referee on the gold medal match. Between USSF and IFCPF opportunities, he has officiated in over 100 International matches at events around the world including Argentina, Denmark, Spain, Tanzania, Brazil, Canada, USA and Italy. In addition to these incredible opportunities, he has remained active as a referee in the NCAA and continues to serve the High school and youth games in the region.