Disney Showcase News 2017:

Twice in 2017  South Carolina delegations were led by Wayne Pavlischek and traveled to Orlando, Florida.  Bob Correia accompanied Wayne and, also, served as a coach/mentor on both trips.


Thanksgiving was the Girls’ Showcase.  Our group consisted of James Felluca, Izlen Peksenar, Ed Waddell, Josh Picillo and Mark Eyrich.  That’s five referees from five areas.

The Boys’ Showcase began the day after Christmas.  Again, Wayne and Bob traveled as coach/mentors.  Our referees were Howard Ash, Kevin Roberts, Izlen Peksenar, Wilmer Soriano, Cameron Clark (of training and TV fame), Joe Wehrle and our old friend, Andrew Eitel, who has returned to his home in the Garden State – New Jersey.  Wayne, also, assigned the state referees to every grade 7 referee to serve as a mentor, providing additional match and performance observations, self-assessment tips  and match management dialogue throughout their stay and beyond.


Every match at the Academy was observed by a coach/mentor where referees received feedback on their performance and were provided information on how to improve their game.  Additionally, field training sessions by PRO Referees, attending as Mentors, were given, to help sharpen skills needed to Referee at the higher levels.