How much you get paid can vary depending on what league or tournament you referee and what position you are on the field (e.g. center referee or assistant referee).

For the three (3) state-run leagues, refer to the cheat sheet for a specific league. The 3 leagues are (1) Coastal League; (2) President’s Medal Soccer League (PMSL); and (3) South Carolina State Challenge League (SCSCL).

For individual tournaments, you must go to the tournament website and contact the tournament assignor to find out what the pay is for each age group in the tournament.

Local affiliated (and unaffiliated) leagues also have their own pay scale. Contact your ARA to find out who the assignor is for a specific local league and then contact that assignor for more info.

For state-run tournaments, regional tournaments, and ODP tournaments, contact the SYRA to find out more about payments and other related info.


In the event that less than 3 officials show up to the match:

If only two referees show up to the match: One referee will run the center, the other will be a linesman, and a volunteer club linesman will be used. The two officials get their NORMAL RATE OF PAY (the center referee gets only the fee for the center referee, the linesman assistant referee (AR) gets only the fee for a single linesman assistant referee (AR). The two-man whistle system is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances

(where both referees are on the field calling the game). There can be only one center referee on the field.

If only one referee shows up to the match: The referee will be the center and two volunteer club linesmen will be used. That official gets the center fee PLUS ONE LINESMAN’S FEE.

If no referees show up to the match: The match is not to be played at all.

 If a team is “forced” to pay an official anything more than is listed above, then the rate of pay, the officials name, date and location of game(s) should be put in writing and sent to the SCYS State Office.