US Soccer and SC Referee Policy Reminder

The, only US Soccer Federation approved referee method is the diagonal system of control.  That is one (1) referee with the whistle.  The dual system of control, two (2) whistles is not approved.  NOT APPROVED.

When there is not a complete referee team available or assigned, here are the acceptable/permitted variations concerning match officials.
One (1) referee and two (2) assistant referees.  **The ideal combination.**
One (1) solo referee.  No assistance by anyone, on the touchline, with a signal flag.
One (1) referee and two (2) club linesmen.  Recruited with the aid of the home or visiting team.  Clubs linesman, only, assist with balls in and out of touch.
One (1) referee and one (1) assistant referee and one (1) club linesman.

Two (2) and, only two (2) referees, both, with whistles is NOT permitted.

Please, abide by this USSF policy throughout the season for ALL affiliated leagues and ALL affiliated youth and adult tournaments.

Ensuring ALL registered referees are available, accepting and honoring assignments will ensure complete referee teams.  Three (3) loyal referees form a team and help create a positive experience.

All the best from the SRC.