US Soccer has provided guidance for decades on referee (assessors and instructors, too) travel outside their state.

South Carolina does not and has not required South Carolina referees to request permission to travel.  Some state organizations require that registered official to request permission to attend out of state soccer events or tournaments.

Traveling for the opportunities, the experience, the exposure, the challenge is recommended by the South Carolina-SRA and the members of the SRC.  The referee, assessor or instructor, merely, have to inform the SC-SRA of the event, city state and dates.  In South Carolina it’s a simple courtesy.  An e-mail would suffice.  Please, ensure your name appears somewhere in the body or the closing of the brief e-mail.

The South Carolina-State Director of Referees (SRA) is Kenneth Ayers.  You can find his contact information all over the SC Referees website to include the home page.

Referees should copy their ARA (Area Referee Administrator) and your local referee assignor.  Courtesy and communication within your area is an expectation.

Availability.  It goes without saying your Game Officials and/or Arbiter availability should be (MUST be) updated and accurately reflect your status.

Please, comply and complete the simple tasks of communicating and managing your personal referee accounts.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.