The South Carolina policy regarding South Carolina referees or assessors that desire to attend out-of-state events is:  Inform the SRA, Kenneth Ayers, of the selected event, date and month and city and state.  Copy your ARA, Area Referee Administrator, as well.  Ensure Game Official and/or Arbiter accounts accurately reflect your status for your area referee assignor.


Contact, e-mail, the tournament director or tournament referee assignor and alert them to your interest to attend and request permission to attend and support their event.

Provide them with:

1) all of your current and up-to-date contact information (should be a precise match of Game Officials/Arbiter account information),

2) your SRA’s (State Referee Administrator) contact information and  3) your local/area referee assignor’s contact information.


Remember you represent South Carolina.  Courteous and professional at all times, 24/7.  Prepare prior to departure and ensure a complete referee kit and plan for weather contingencies.

Regional and national events, both, training and identification events are invitation only or eventual SRA final approval.