The last entry level, referee certification class for 2018 is October 13th in Camden, SC.  Class times are 8 AM to 5 PM.  Cost is $80.00 Pre-Registration is required at  Class # 25201 for grade 8, minimum age 14.  Class # 25202, grade 9, minimum age 11.

Two (2) whistles, the ‘Dual’ system of control, is NOT permitted by US Soccer.  Our choice and the, only, allowable options are two (2) assistant referees, two (2) club linesmen, the combination an assistant referee and a club linesman or, lastly, a solo referee with no aid on the touchlines.

The new, yellow referee jersey and the USSF two stripe sock are the, only, authorized referee uniform components.  The gold jersey was phased out 31 December 2017.  Please, comply with and, only, officiate US Soccer affiliated league matches in the proper referee uniform.

Match Advice.  Health and Safety Precautions:  NEVER report to a match, league or tournament, without water.  Your OWN supply of water.  Also, your OWN supply of a sports drink or two and your OWN protein or fruit.  Referees MUST plan, prepare and care for your immediate and long term care each and every day.  There is no guarantee any league or tournament will prioritize your hydration or health needs.  Be prepared.

SafeSport.  This is on line training, currently, required by US Soccer and the Developmental Academy for ALL referees 18 and older.  SCYSA and SC Referees plan to implement SafeSport and the SafeSport Online Training for ALL adult SC Referees, 18 and older.  The online module is listed as 90 minutes.  There is a Certification Quiz.  SafeSport certification is issued and good for two (2) years.  Details to follow.



Positioning & Reading the Game.  “The best position is one from which the referee can make the correct decision.”

Teamwork.  The pregame conference should be productive, useful and create a cohesive and prepared officiating team.



Work Rate.  Effort and Finish your Runs

Anticipation.  Read the Game.  Next Phase/Next Step.

Angle of View.  See between players.

Explosive movement.

Football Understanding.  Soccer IQ.


Assistant Referees:

Second to Last Defender (STLD)  or ball, whichever is closest to the Goal Line Eye Contact.  Every stoppage.  Support each member of the team.

Relevant & Proper Signal Flag Mechanics.  Effective and standard team communication.

Finish your Run

Precision.  Discipline.  Vigilance.  Critical elements required by the assistant referee.


Our season resumes the weekend of 22/23 SEP.