State Cup:  Dates, Locations & Invitations

President’s State Cup:  DEC 1 & 2, Upstate

Bob Brantley State Cup:  DEC 15 & 16, Upstate

ARA’s should be identifying & submitting the names of quality referees to the SRC

SafeSport:  Per SCYSA & SC Referees ALL adult (18 and older) USSF referees are REQUIRED to submit a NCSI Background Check and complete SafeSport Online Training and to pass the Certification Quiz (three (3) modules) by 15 DEC.

New Leagues:  Prepare.  Read/know the Rules of Competition.

NPSL,DA,ECNL,PDL, UPSL  These are prestigious assignments. Plan like a Pro.


Re-Certification & Certification (Entry Level) Clinics:  Published and scheduled.  Visit and preregister.  Preregistration is required.


Elite/Pro Clinic and State Referee Meeting:  26 & 27 JAN 2019  Class # 25573 Visit and preregister.  Preregistration is required.

This weekend provides two (2) clinics.  The Elite/Pro Clinic prepares referees for the semi-professional Summer leagues in the Southeast.  The State Meeting is the USSF re-certification  clinic and accomplishes all requirements for 2019.  There is the Saturday PFT followed by all day training (and lunch).  Overnight stay for out of town referees.  Sunday’s training has been a mix of field modules and classroom instructions.  The weekend training is led by Skye Arthur-Banning, National Referee Coach and our South Carolina LAC.  Extremely valuable.


Dual Method of Control is Forbidden: US Soccer prohibits a ‘two whistle’ system.


Every SC Referee:  Should possess and officiate sanctioned matches in the new yellow jersey.  Gold is NOT authorized. The USSF two (2) stripe sock is the, only, authorized USSF referee uniform sock.  Lloyd’s Soccer and the Upstate have limited time programs in place for discounted rates on OSI uniforms.


Official Sports International (OSI):  Mid-November OSI will commence their end of year sale.  Everything will be discounted.  Great time to order gear or apparel at discounted rates.  Great time to present your Christmas list to family members and save them money on your uniform components this (and every) Christmas.


Daylight Savings Time ends Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Extra sleep Sunday morning.  US Soccer, still, expects referees ” to report a minimum of 30 minutes prior to scheduled kickoff.”


Work Rate is Critical to Referee Match Management & Success.

Meet or exceed the work rate of the field players.

Smart, efficient movement and angle optimization based on field activity.

Avoid the central channel.  Stay out of the middle.

Avoid position stagnation.

Be prudent

Finish Your Run.