The Southern Championship begins in Baton Rouge, LA on Thursday, June 20th with tournament orientation and training for referees and assessors (referee coaches).  Round robin play runs 21-23 June for all state cup champions of Region II.  Quarterfinals start on Monday, 24 June.  The Southern Region Championship ends on Thursday, 27 June.  Winning teams advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championship in Overland Park, KS 22-26 July.

Every match in Baton Rouge will be assessed.  FIFA, PRO  and national referees will be present and mentoring Region III referees daily on the field and with small group meetings throughout the week.

Head of Delegation (HOD):  Greg Baltyn, South Carolina- SYRA

Charleston:  Liz Shegda, James Felluca

Rock Hill:  Paige Bell, Jack Burroughs, Ed Waddell, Nate Mitchell

Midstate:  Sara Griggs, Jack Collins, Owen Petersen, LeAnne Davison

Upstate:  Noah Haver, Aldemar Jimenez, Charles Christie, Daniel Taylor

Referee Coaches/Assessors:  Warren Woody, Peter Schirk, Bob Delaney, Bob Correia, Wayne Pavlischek

All the best for our traveling referees as they support the Region III Youth Championship.