The Southern Region Youth Championship took place in Greensboro, NC from June 21 – 28.  The South Carolina delegation was led by Greg Baltyn, The HOD, along with 14 referees and 4 mentor/assessors.  Every match was assessed followed with immediate referee team self-evaluations and match debriefs.  Ed Waddell successfully earned his second state upgrade assessment.  Congratulations, Ed.

Top Tournament AR’s; Sara Griggs & Cameron Clark.  Congratulations.  Top Tournament Referee:  James Felluca.  Congratulations.

SELECTED FOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ASSISTANT REFEREE:  Sara Allecia Griggs of Sumter, SC  Congratulations, enjoy the National Youth Championship in Frisco, TX.

Charleston:  Referees; Liz Shegda, James Felluca and Assessor, Bob Correia

MidState/Sumter:  Referees; Sara Griggs, Izlen Peksenar, Jack Collins

Aiken:  Referee; Mark Eyrich

Rock Hill:  Ed Waddell, Cameron Clark, Nate Mitchell and Assessor, Peter Schirk and Bob Delaney

Upstate:  Greg Baltyn, HOD.  Referees; Noah Haver, SC Male Youth Referee of the Year, Frank Kucinic, Sydney Baltyn, Aldemar Jimenez, Daniel Taylor and Assessor Warren Woody

1st Row:  Noah Haver, Sara Griggs, Izlen Peksenar, Sydney Baltyn, Mark Eyrich

2nd Row:  Aldemar Jimenez, James Felluca, Cameron Clark, Ed Waddell, Greg Baltyn

3rd Row:  Nate Mitchell, Jack Collins, Daniel Taylor

4th Row:  Warren Woody, Peter Schirk, Bob Delaney

N/A:         Elizabeth Shegda, Frank Kucinic, Bob Correia


Noah Haver, Liz Shegda, Sara Griggs, Nate Mitchell, Jack Collins, Mark Eyrich

Sara Griggs, Syd Baltyn, Jack Collins, Aldemar Jimenez

Clockwise starting @ 12 o’clock with Warren Woody in the white Mr. Rogers jacket

Warren Woody, Mark Eyrich, Peter Schirk, Bob Delaney, Cameron Clark, Ed Waddell, Izlen Peksenar, Daniel Taylor, Nate Mitchell, James Felluca

The HOD Squad:  Aldemar Jimenez, Sara Griggs, Noah Haver, Jack Collins, Sydney Baltyn.  Who called shotgun?