Mentoring is an ongoing and continuous informal program endorsed by US Soccer and SC Referees.  Mentoring is local and a by-product of senior referees giving back.  There are unlimited means and methods to effectively engage our next generation of referees and have them benefit from the shared experiences of senior referees.  The Area Referee Administrators (ARA) will oversee the local effort with the emphasis on understanding, enjoyment and improvement and strive to adhere to US Soccer policy, teachings and standard referee mechanics.

SC Referees and the State Referee Committee (SRC) will use its discretion to form temporary and/or permanent statewide programs that provide advanced opportunities under the guidance of designated referee coach-mentors.  Such programs will instill comraderie and prepare and train referees for state cup readiness and eventual assignments, not to mention US Soccer identification events within the Region, Developmental Academy, Premier or other showcase events that present regional and national exposure and experience.