SC Grade 5 (State Referee) Requirements:

The National Office will monitor all Grade 5 Referees in attempt to select those to be promoted to a Grade 4. SC will select and promote referees to Grade 5 based on the following criteria:

  • Grade 6 for at least 1 year
  • Referees declares interest in upgrading or maintain Grade 5 by notifying the SRA and receiving SRA approval
  • Pass the National Laws Test
  • Attend State Clinic or other approved clinic
  • Pass the Grade 5 PFT as prescribed by the Federation – MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE REGISTERING AS A GRADE 5
  • Annually minimum 3 assessments by 3 different National Assessors (You will coordinate & pay for your assessments). These can be a combination of R or AR or just one based on your goals.
  • Obtain at least 1 assessment as a Referee (R) by state assessor or higher (You will coordinate & pay for your assessments)
  • Travel will be required and reimbursement by SCREFEREES will be per policy Any Referee that is a grade 5 and has received at least one assessment as R can downgrade to State 6 at anytime.

Registration Fee: $125.00